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Sansaar Foundation

Discover the mysteries of THE SELF

In the last year with a group of kindred spirits, we have launched a company called  Sansaar Foundation, dedicated to continued exploration of the aspects of both physiological and  spiritual wellbeing in many creative dimensions.  

Upcoming Events

‘Feeding the Soul, Healthy Spirit Healthy Food’


Susanne Jarchow-Misch


Susanne is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor (AWC), Yoga teacher, and co-publisher of The Great Gift of Ghee cook book

  5th March 2021

26th March 2021


at 6pm - 8pm GMT


‘The essence of all things here is the earth

The essence of earth is water

The essence of water is plants

The essence of plants is a person’

Sansaar FoundationFree Webinar Series


Zoom Link:  Join Zoom Meeting[1]

Meeting ID: 891 7579 0970   -    Passcode: 906931

Introduction to Women’s Physiology

through the lens of Ayurveda, Siddha & Yoga

Upcoming Events
Nature Orientated High Energy Spaces 


10 - 16 day packages based on routes



-     3 specific routes through 

      Guptakashi, KedarNath, Tungnath

-     Dunagirl and BadriNatg

-     Dharamsala

-     Kailash Manasarovar

Treatment and
Detoxification Immersion 
14 - 21 day packages

-     Ayurveda treatment spaces with a

      deeper internal exploration - Kerala

      and hariharapura

-      Naturopathy - outside of Pune

-      Siddha perspective to inner well being

-      Thiruvanamallai


High Energy Spaces
With Spiritual


7 day packages


-     Exploration of the five elements

-     Tamil Nadu and southern India

-     Kashi - largest cremation ground

     on the planet Exploring the

     feminine energy - kamakhya,

     tarapeeth, Kalighat in the eastern

     side of India

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