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Nadi Astrology


Jagdish Rabadia

Currently at 50, my full time vocation is that of a self established construction company director in uk (Corecon Ltd). But the real passion and pursuit is the unfoldment of the deeper spiritual journey.

The spiritual inquiry and a conscious life as a seeker took sail at tender age of 15. Basically being born and raised in the humble lap of Kenya many aspects of raw mysticism became cultured in my upbringing there. This profound background, and a well seasoned traditional Hindu family, gave me the platform to rebel and question spirituality, within the confines of doctrine versus the nature of cosmic energy. This inclination took the inquiry innately to the inner sanctum of my being, and arising out of it with many new states of understanding of this life emerged.


Thus the full force of deep states of meditativeness and an absolute silence became my very nature. Life meandered into different aspects of human realities as I explored some harsh environments in Kenya as well as a significant time spent in Somalia and the Middle East.

These moments engaged me deeply into the darker aspects of the human culture, which allowed a more withdrawn state into the sanctum. The states of human fears, hunger, insecurity and anger were pervading within the cultures of people I was associated with in these harsh environments . By its very virtue it became an intense sadhana of evolution in revolution. Here providence and faith disengaged me from the dearth of conscious spirit and brought me back into Uk.

Uk had a resonant pattern for some settling and navigating the processes of family life and education. After a period of engaging in tertiary education life once again brought me back to this land. Here I was contained in family life and cultivating an enterprising career to support my loved ones. However, that spatial awareness grew and with it many revelations unfolded, but without a guru’s guidance there was an inability to vocalise these experiences or to fully comprehend. Just as the seeking reached its pinnacle and an opportune moment brought a guru into my life in 2011. This brought with it a nurturing environment of growth, stability and a beautiful awakening of the already known paradigm. The very aspect of offering service and receiving initiations opened a new dimension of perception. Humbled by this blessed period, nature took charge and a self professed journey began. This took me to many different potent and powerful spaces, temples, Samadhis. These opportune moments came at the right time to reprogramme everything that was me.

This has opened the doors of Ayurveda and the Siddha tradition. To comprehend these healing arts with a view to service has led me into in depth learning of both sciences. Currently I am engaged in a formal study of Ayurveda with the College of Ayurveda in Uk. Alongside this I am a student of the Siddha Varma tradition borne out of Thiruvannamalai, under the tutelage of my teacher Pal Pandian. My passion of astrology which is rooted in both systems has opened another embodiment of understanding. This is curating itself organically in my pathway of service.
Hence my life purpose and journey has awakened; by way of offering the landscape of exploration to others with such inquiries, and assisting them to unlock the wonderful treasures hidden within.

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