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Arti Ghattaora

Dr Arti Ghattaora

My professional pathway was initiated with my training as an Allopathic physician in UK. An extensive amount of travelling, research and clinical practice unfolded into various third world countries (MSF, Save the Children France), to take the practice of medicine to a new level of understanding and application in places which were extremely under resourced. A new paradigm of the human condition revealed itself. Growing up in Malawi, the indigenous systems were a constant source of fascination for healing. This connection to Malawi also drew me back years later in a professional capacity (Wellcome Trust, London), by way of offering something back to this land. This ignited a desire to explore other ancient healing systems too.

Travelled far and wide to acquire knowledge of traditional systems. My humble beginnings of that journey started with a fascination Chinese acupuncture. This took me to Nanjing, where I engaged in an in-depth study of acupuncture and auriculotherapy at Nanjing University of Traditional Medicine. Here I acquired the necessary opening into the mind-body-spirit dimension of the human system, while completing a Diploma in Acupuncture. This allowed an application of this intricate science into my clinical practice, and so began the journey of the understanding the self-healing dimension of the human system.


Thereafter, the pursuit of the Sanskrit language led itself into a Masters in Ayurvedic medicine at Middlesex University in UK. A deeper landscape opened the wisdom of the system under the tutelage of my Ayurveda Guru Raghavan Thirumalapad in Kerala. To further understand the human system, an undertaking of a teacher training in yoga(Life Centre, UK) allowed me to evaluate how to mobilise the physical system, to improve its receptivity to this core aspect of well-being.

As these layers unfolded it deepened the yearning to understanding the purpose of this life. Through that inquiry a spiritual guru, Sadhguru jaggi Vasudev, opened another whole new dimension into the paradigm of wellbeing. A joyous and a more purposeful journey awakened, and since then I have been immersed into that sense or servitude, surrender and humility; the three tenets which guide a sense of freedom and constant learning. This led to a full time voluntary vocation at the ashram for 8 years, with a majority of that time was undertaken in the setting up of the Isha rejuvenation center. The rejuvenation center is a beautiful composition, a marriage of three traditional Indian sciences of Ayurveda, siddha and yoga. During my time in the rejuvenation center, I undertook training into energy instruments, namely the Bioresonance system, Sound therapy and the use of diagnostic modalities such as live blood microscopy, biowell, brain mapping & neurofeedback systems.

After embracing the more subtle and expansive sciences, a very natural and organic unfolding lead itself into an inquiry into how sound also plays an instrumental part to one's wellbeing. Hence, I engaged into the world of vocal training within the Classical Hindustani genre. As an extension to this, I am also currently engaged into a Teacher Training program on Healing Vedic Chants at the Krishnamacharya Institute (Chennai, India). Together with this offering I have also been trained in Sound & Vibrational therapy with the use of tuning forks, as a physical healing modality.


The beginning of 2018 took me to the deeper echelons of the Siddha system, which has its origins seeped into the Tamil culture of South India. A profound system of healing, known as Varma, has been imparted by a very humble Siddha master, namely Pal Pandian. The Siddha system is a treasure house of secret science, embodying the results of the ordent pursuit thereof by the ancient Siddhars. The use of more metal and chemicals was justified by the fact that to preserve the body from decomposing materials that do not decompose easily should be used. Recognizing the inherent toxicity of some metals, the siddha system insisted on purifying such ingredients before use in medications. This opened a deep longing into the world of metallic compounds, which stimulated my research question for my PhD study.

Keeping these experiences enlivened and making it an offering a further engagement of a PhD in integrative medicine is currently being pursued at Quantum University in Hawaii.

Life has become a continuous process of refinement, being humbled to the processes which governs human existence in harmony with nature. So, the communion with all things that are organic on the planet has expanded the possibilities, thus opening up to nature to see what possibilities it reveals. This has set forth an exploration in the field of ethnobotany. Amalgamating some of these experiences that really came as a gift into my life, a further endeavour of a social enterprise was conceived under the brand name of Amoha. The basic essence was to create products with the consciousness and respect for all that the planet gives us, with the added umbrella of a social enterprise in order to provision a vocation for underprivileged women. With this in mind, and to also keep the handmade traditions alive in a world consumed by technology. Hence the birthing of a brand, which launched with 8 incense flavours, hand rolled and blended with Ayurvedic herbs and a few other well-being products.


These past 2 years, this amalgamation and concurrent union of these refined sciences has been the basis of many retreats and workshops (Sansaar UK and Sansaar Pilgrims) in the field of wellbeing and self-empowerment through the body’s own intelligence. Then arrived an opportunity to explore the medium of documentary film, the outcome was a passionate

involvement into the making of “Ayurveda Unveiled”, an offering by the filmmaker Gita Desai. Hence life continues to unfold in its many dimensions which maintains this insatiable appetite to cultivate more on this grand diaspora.

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