Volunteering with Sansaar UK

Volunteering with Sansaar UK will give you the opportunity to use your skill base within an environment based on wellness, learning of new cultures, learning about non-mainstream ways of healing through mental and physical methods used for centuries. Some example opportunities are given below but these are just given as guidance. 


Opportunities to volunteer with Sanssar UK vary and are based in multiple destinations.  If you are interested in volunteering please complete the Volunteer Enquiry Form below attaching your most up to date CV.  If you would like any further information email sansaaruk@outlook.com.





Sansaar Pilgrims




What are some of the benefits that you would gain from volunteering at Sansaar UK include:-

Use your skills and learn new skills
The opportunity to explore some exceptionally beautiful environments
Teamwork -creating a oneness within the group
Accommodation, Food and local transport provided
Connecting to a different way of living spirituality and physically
Learning about other cultures, languages and ways of life
Travel and learn from others - skills that will be there for a lifetime
Build positive relationships  increase
 communication skills
Disconnect, reflect, rejuvenate help others along the way 
For further information complete the Volunteer  Enquiry Form below:-
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